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Titanium heat pumps. The latest generation of swimming pool heat pumps

The energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly way to heat your pool

One of the major concerns with any new swimming pool owner is the running costs. The latest generation of swimming pool heat pumps actually harnesses the free heat in the air.

Titanium Heat Pumps can be installed in conjunction with a solar pool heating system to really reducelong term swimming pool heating costs.

Titanium Heat Pumps use electricity to operate. They are actually a form of solar heater, as the sun-warmed air contributes to the efficiency of these units. This heat is extracted from the air, upgraded with a compressor, and then transferred to the water.

Titanium heat pumps

swimming pool heat pump


  • Corrosion resistant
  • Withstand all chemical imbalances
  • The most efficient on the market
  • Quick temperature adjustment
  • Constant display of water temp
  • More durable than standard copper


Titanium heat pumps












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