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Swimming Pool Designs. Custom built pools by Natura design

The Different Types of Swimming Pool Designs.

Natura Design offers bespoke swimming pool designs for indoor and outdoor Pools and Spas. We have put together here some types and styles of pools to give you an idea of what is available.

Geometric Pools or formal pools tend to have a traditional look to them. They are generally elegant looking with straight edges and a regular shape. These shape pools originated in ancient Rome and were traditionally adorned with urns, fountains and classical columns. They are still one of the most popular swimming pool designs in use today.
A free-form pool is an ideal choice when trying to fit a swimming pool into an awkward shaped garden. They can be curved, kidney shaped, figure-eight or straight at one end and curved at the other. You can add a rock waterfall to create a more natural looking pool or a shallow beach area at one end for safe, child friendly swimming while the other end can be made deep for adult swimming. You have endless possibilities with a free-form pool.
Infinity pools or negative edge pools are increasingly one of the most popular designs with landscape architects and garden design experts. Infinity pools are so called because of the effect produced by one or more sides of the pool being submerged under the water level creating an illusion of an infinite plane. This type of pool works particularly well when it is perched on an elevated slope and appears to blend into the horizon
Recreational pools are designed with play in mind. Normally less than 2m deep, they are perfect for playing water sports like volley ball, cooling off and generally playing in. Perfect for the kids, they are also great for exercise such as swimming lengths.
Overflow pools have the water level at the same level as the surrounding patios. The overflowing water drains into channels around the edge of the pool creating the visual effect of the water seamlessly meeting the surrounding area.
Exercise pools are designed for just that, exercise. Swimming is safe and healthy for all age group, is very therapeutic for muscle strains and a great way to get a full body workout. These types of pools are often built long and narrow and without obstructions to allow for uninterrupted length swimming. If you have limited space available for you pool a swim jet can be installed.
If space is limited you may want to consider a spa or a spool. Used for cooling off and with therapeutic bubble jets are a great addition to your garden. A spool is simply a large version of a spa, the word spool is a combination of the words spa and pool.