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Salt Water Chlorinators. Clear and Luxuriously Soft.

Salt Water Chlorinators

Enjoy a swimming pool that is good to you and good for the environment.

The electrolytic technology turns ordinary table salt into a regenerating supply of pure chlorine, automatically. This process leaves you with pool water that’s clean, clear and luxuriously soft.

Enjoy the best pool water quality available – automatically and hassle-free. When you use a salt chlorinator, there will be no more buying, storing or transporting factory-created chlorine compounds. Eliminate red burning eyes, dry itchy skin and powerful chlorine odors.

Salt water chlorinationPrinciple of Salt Water Chlorinators

Salt Water Chlorinators technology is based on one principle: electrolysis.

  • We add tothe pool water salt (sodium chloride), in the case of 4 to 6 grams per liter of water.
  • Once dissolved, we apply an electric current through the chlorinator, the chloride is converted to chlorine and therefore already have the need disinfectant product in water.
  • Once the chlorine has fulfilled its function as a disinfecting agent is converted back into salt, so that the salt concentration remains constant and you only need to make small adjustments in the salt level due to the loss that occurs by back washing the sand filter.

Advantages of using Salt Water Chlorinators

  • Swimming in a lightly salted water with a salt concentration similar to that of a tear.
  • We avoid soft tissue irritation (eyes, ears, skin, etc..) As chlorinates that cause these effects are destroyed.
  • Smoother skin.
  • Prevents hair discoloration.
  • No solids added to the water (chlorine tablets, granules, etc.), Removing excess isobaric acid present in these solids.
  • You save on chemical costs.
  • It is a more secure system that does not require storage, handling or dispensing of dangerous products.
  • Easy installation.

Inconveniences of using Salt Water Chlorinators

  • Tends to raise the pH of the water. Problem solved by using an automatic pH, very economical and effective element.

Technical features of the Idegis Tecno DT-12 shown in the picture above.

  • Salt: 4 to 6 g per liter of water.
  • Automatic Test salinity, simply by pressing a button sweeps and indicates the level of salt.
  • Recommended pool size: up to 50m ³.
  • Generation of chlorine: 12 g of chlorine per hour.
  • Made 100% in Spain.