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Fibreglass Pool Finish. For Concrete Swimming Pools

Fibreglass Swimming Pools

A fibreglass pool finish is the most cost affective way to achieve a quality finish for the interior of a swimming pool. It costs approximately 1/3 of the cost of a Pebble Tec finish and 1/4 of the cost of a tiled pool finish.

Matting is applied with resin and hardened. We then apply a top coat, leaving you with a strong and durable finish. The top coat is UV stabilised and easily cleaned.

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Swimming Pool Water Line Tiles

Water line tiles are always a good way to keep the water line clean and give the pool a decorative finish. Any tile with a glazed finish can be used, we use mosaics and non mosaic tiles depending on the design of the pool and the preferred look the client is looking for.


Fibreglass Aplication

Glass reinforced plastic is made up of polyester resins and different grades of chopped strand fibreglass matting, depending on the project type. We can create a fibreglass pool finish for any shape swimming pool , whether rectangle, square, round or kidney shaped.

  1. First the rendered pool surface must be thoroughly cleaned of any dust or debris.
  2. We then apply a coat of diluted resin that will soak into the pool surface to create a good bond for the fibreglass to adhere to.
  3. Extra care must be take to the swimming pool sump, skimmers, light and all the inlet jets. We glass these first embedding the fibreglass into a groove we created in the render. Then we past a resin based filler over the fibreglass to create a waterproof seal.
  4. The fibreglass edges are softened rather than cut straight, this will give the pool a better visual finish when the sheets are joined together.
  5. The fibreglass is laid by first coating the pool surface with a coat of a mixture of resin mixed with white dye and the sheets are overlapped by about 8cm, we then cover the sheets with another coat of the resin mixture and roller in well.
  6. 12 hours later we sand the hole pool down then clean it thoroughly.
  7. Finally we ad the top coat and the non slip to the swimming pool steps.

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